History of the Adam J. Cirillo Scholarship Foundation

The Adam J. Cirillo Scholarship Foundation was formed in June of 1968 by Adam J. Cirillo and a group of Brooklyn tech football alumni and supporters. They are Arthur R. Stelljes, Norman Carney, Dr. Joseph R Devita, Vincent A. Dioguardi and John Jackson.

Together, they formed the trustees of the foundation. Also known as the original board of managers, they took on the responsibility of fundraising, selecting and distributing scholarships to worthy candidates.

Arthur R. Stelljes was the first contributor to the foundation with a donation of $410.00.

The founding trustees stated that the general purpose of the trust was to recognize that players who participate in football and other school activities are prejudiced in their attempt to compete with other students who devote their sole time to study and perform no other extra- curricular activities for the school.

The purpose of the trust was, and still is, the foundation’s attempt to level the playing field by offering scholarship opportunities to student-athletes who develop both mind and body while displaying leadership abilities and academic scholarship.

The first Adam J. Cirillo scholarship recipients were Arthur Debenedatto, J. Bruno and Steven Merz. they received a one- time award of less than $100.00 each. later, the scholarship grew to $10.000.00 over four years. Today, the foundation awards $20,000.00 over four years to a deserving scholar-athlete. since the inception of the foundation, over $250,000.00 has been awarded in grants to Brooklyn tech football players and other organizations.