James Gayles

(Class of 2013)

From the bustling streets of Lower Manhattan, where James began his athletic journey with the Downtown Giants, to the echoing hallways of Brooklyn Technical High School, his path in football has been a testament to dedication and skill. Throughout his time at Brooklyn Tech, James consistently showcased
his talent, achieving the accolade of All Brooklyn three times and All City twice. However, it was his senior year that truly solidified his legacy. James led the league in rushing touchdowns and total points, and was tantalizingly close, just one carry away, from also topping the charts in total rushing yards.

These outstanding performances set the stage for a grand culmination to his high school career: in rapid succession, he was recognized as an All-State Running Back, crowned Brooklyn’s Offensive Player of the Year, and honored with the esteemed 2013 PSAL Wingate Award. His stellar stats undeniably paved the
way for these prestigious honors.

Upon entering Princeton University, James’s trajectory continued its ascent. He was instrumental in securing the 2013 & 2016 Ivy League Championships. In 2016, he clinched 1st Team All-Ivy honors for his standout performances as a Cornerback. By 2019, he was celebrated as one of Princeton’s elite Defensive Backs during the Ivy League Era. Parallel to his athletic feats, James thrived academically, serving diligently as the secretary for Princeton’s NSBE Chapter and rounding off his Princeton journey with a Civil Engineering degree in 2017.

As he ventured onto the international stage, James made waves in European football. In 2018, he was lauded as Poland’s Best Safety, achieving an All-Country status. The following year saw him atop Austria’s charts in Kickoff Return Yards & Touchdowns. Transitioning to the Fan Controlled Football League in 2021, even before his illustrious win of what is likened to the league’s “Super Bowl” – The People’s Championship, James was honored with the Hal Dyer Award at the end of the preseason camp, a recognition of his exceptional team spirit and readiness for the season ahead.

Following his commendable playing days, James chose to mold the next generation of football talent. Currently in his 6th coaching season at Brooklyn Tech, he meticulously guides the Defensive Backs and Special Teams, while also assisting with the training of Running Backs. Beyond the field, James’s passion extends to well-being with the inception of the Lion Share Movement, focusing on holistic health through exercise and nutrition. In the realm of business, he serves as an operations consultant for Visiting Superintendents Inc, an endeavor initiated by his father, James Gales Sr. Every facet of James’s journey is imbued with passion, commitment, and an undying pursuit of excellence.