Charles Vardakas

Among his contemporary’s A. Charles Vardakas was always a standout a person blessed with intelligence, wit, a sense of humor, and the tall, well-proportioned body of a Cretan.  A Brooklyn-born Greek American who fit in wherever he was.  Following his early education at PS236 he attended High school at Velley Forge Military Academy.   In 1953 as a Cadet Officer, he was introduced to King Paul, Queen Frederica and Archbishop Michael of Greece, in the Grand Ballroom of the Waldorf Astoria.  A proud moment for the entire family. In September 1954 he attended Duke University in Durham, N.C. met Nancy Bagley and they were married on February 1, 1955.  Their son Charlies A. Vardakas Jr. (named for his grandfather) was born January 27,1956. Three and a half years later, Charles returned to Brooklyn with his young family where their daughter Laura was born November 13, 1962.  To gain business experience, he worked as an Insurance Adjustor prior to joining the family business. During his time, he was asked to re-activate Three Hierarchs Boy Scout troop 531.  A full scouting program ensued.  Charles conceived, designed and spearheaded the first float from Three Hierarchs to be in the Annual Greek Parade.  The entire church was galvanized with this project and there was a great sense of unity and pride, Charles was now working in the Real Estate Office and had a natural ability for making people feel comfortable and confident.  His Father taught him how to appraise houses, guided him to the government agencies and a new family business and career evolved, Vardakis Associates, Inc. opened in September 1982. The company grew and Charles enjoyed an easy, respectful rapport with the employees.  The obvious spokesman for the company, he was an idealist with a combination of pragmatism and kindliness.  Also, an effective speaker sought after MC engrossing appraisal teacher at Kingsborough College recognized leader in his industry, recipient of many awards and honors, a positive role model, and a firm handshake not only engulfed your hand, but also overwhelmed you with vitality and warmth.  However, one quality was evident above all, loyalty to friends and devotion to family. Charles was friendly to everyone but was selective of his friends.  Your problem became his problem if you were one of those special friends, and everyone seemed to know he was a walking, talking consumer report.  No job or item was too small or too large if you wanted his advice. His pride and joy was his family.  His parents and grandparents set a good example and a strong foundation.

His wife and children were involved in every project.  All shared of vitality and zest for life with a good sense

of humor.   This continues in seven very special grandchildren.

Vardakis Associates Inc. continues and has spawned another appraisal company owned and operated by son Charles A. we have yet to determine the destiny of grandson Andrew, now in college, but watch out world,

here comes another A. Charles Vardakis.

Mr. Vardakis almost single handedly began what would become The Tech Football Parents Club He rallied parents and other sponsors to provide financial and other support when it was needed most.  He Embodied

the Spirit of Tech Football as much as anyone who has stepped on a Tech Gridiron